Don Jazzy Reveals How Social Media Has Helped His Brand ‘MAVIN’. Reveals He Met Reekado Banks Via Twitter


Don Jazzy has been ranked as one of the
biggest and most successful record label
owners Cvm producer in Nigeria and Africa
today. The label boss, who is known for his humility
has been ranked as one with a heart of gold
and has been rated the King of Nigerian social
media. In a recent interview with TechCabal, the mega
superstar producers speaks on an array of
things mostly talking about the influence of
social media in his everyday life and the
success of his brand. Below are some excerpts from the interview;
Social media is obviously very important to you. To the point that you went as far as actually creating one — Mavin League, it was called. What made you become as interested in social media as you did?
Don Jazzy: Well, I think it was a way to let out
so much appreciation bottled inside me. There
was no other way for me to let my fans know
how much I felt about their relentless support
for me and my team. There was no other way
because I am not a fantastic public speaker plus I have camera shyness. When I started using
Twitter, I quickly realized the power of
communicating directly with fans. Ever since
then I have been finding creative ways to
usesocial media to engage fans. The world has
gone digital and anybody or brand not on the train now has carried major last. LOL.
If today, you were a mad talented but unknown musician that is yet to “blow” — knowing all the things you know now, what would you do to get noticed?
I would find a way to stand out in social media
as I showcase my talent. FalzTheBahdGuy with
his “Broda Taju” alter ego Instagram videos
turned him into a sensation. More recently, a
talented guitarist named Godwyn was posting
some of his renditions on Instagram which I ended up discovering. Within 48 hrs, we had
him at Mavin studio recording and releasing
“Promise”. He has gone on from there to get
paid performances and continues to establish
himself. Mavin artist Reekado Banks was
discovered via Twitter. Linda Ikeji worked hard and smart and is the biggest online
personality today. You don’t need a prophet to
tell you that social media is the fastest place
you can get noticed today. Don’t be in a hurry
to get a million fans in a day. As long as you are
doing something right, your fan base will grow daily even if it’s 10 new people that you
convert each day. Before you know it the right
person will notice and the rest will be history.

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