Fan Pens Open Letter In Response To Osagie Alonge’s Critics & Kead’s “A Letter To M.I Abaga”


Following the recent saga between M.I Abaga and Pulse TV’s Osagie Alonge and also the letter by upcoming rapper “Kead”, a real fan of M.I Abaga has come to defend his rap legend in many ways than one.


Dear Brother,

Let me first put it straight to you that you are NOT M.I Abaga‘s fan. If loving M.I was a religion, it’d be perfect if I called you a ‘back-slider’, because ‘true love’ is loving people irrespective of their flaws and loving people when other people hate them most. So, if you saw some things in M.I’s life which you thought to be flaws and these things made your love for M.I to diminish, then, am sorry, but, you never loved the nigga, you only pretended to!

Thank God you admitted that when M.I came, he was a game-changer and that he had classic debut. You said, ”It’s been three years since your last album and two years since your last project. Yes, I saw your tweet about your next album being ready. I would leap for joy but we have been down this road before with false hopes and many release dates.”. But brother, does extending the release date of an album show cowardice? Sometimes, a soldier may retreat and a Lion may pause an action. This, my brother, does not show lack of courage or cowardice!

I laughed boisterously when I read this in your letter, ‘What’s happening M.I? Why has the music suffered? I won’t lie. The fan in me rated “The Chairman” album highly » . The collaborative approach to its production got me. Sadly, that LP had a short shelf life partly due to the lyrics which were below your very high standards. The spark is gone, the flows are not the same and the bars have gone soft bro. It seems there is no more soul in your music. Everything has gone cold.”.
Chere o. Did you say the ‘Chairman’ album is below standard? OMG! Do you know that the tracks in the album has a square fact? That’s the song titles on each side of the album are opposite to each other, except for the track in the middle that is titled ‘The Middle’. Like, ‘The Begining’ and ‘The End’, ‘Monkey’ and ‘Human Being’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Yours’, etc.

You said there is no more soul in M.I’s music and that the lyrics are below standard. Lol. Did you listen to the track, ‘Brother’? The one he did with Nosa and Milli. He did it for his Choc Brothers. That track would make anyone cry!.

What about the lines in ‘Bad Belle’? Did you notice the metaphor he created with Dora Akunyili and drugs? Well, I think you are one of the niggas who does not know that there’s about to be a famine and worst still, you neither know what we planting nor what we planning!
It was people like you he taught he was talking to in the track, ‘Yours’.

How can you say that M’I’s bars have gone soft? You don’t get it, bro, M.I has no lip; He can’t suck!
M.I is one of the very few rappers who do not rap without reason or message. Unlike most rappers, 85% of his songs have deep messages. Have you listened to ‘Money’? What about ‘The Box’?.

Aside the fact that his lines are highly intellectual, his ‘play-on-words’ is essential. The way he plays on words tells he is an extra-ordinary PUNstar.

The way you are complaining about his silence sef. A good song takes a long time to be produced. Abi you want him to be releasing album every week? When a ‘genius’ is been silent or ‘in’ for this long, you should know that when he ‘cums’ out, the ‘release’ would last.
Do you remember his pun with the vowel sounds, ‘a, e, i, o, u’ (Hey, I owe you no vows)? Do you remember the pun with the Biblical books, ‘Luke, Mark and John’?..
The guy is now the C.E.O of Choc City. Is that post not strong enough to keep a rapper silent? If he goes to studio everyday, what will the signees under him do, kwanu?
Will Jesse Jags, Ice Prince or Brymo be in Choc City forever? Rappers are born everyday, Choc City is a company, one rapper leaving does not mean it’s falling as long the Chairman is the boss.

M.I is forever great. I don’t want to talk about his projects, such as illegal music, etc.. Those ones na another achievement on their own. M.I is a light to Nigeria hip-pop.
M.I is a very outstanding rapper but some people have agreed to disagree with that. And the fact is that we don’t have time to prove what is right, right, so, let’s just leave it in THE MIDDLE..
From your letter to M.I, I think and am sure that you are just a rapper or you are working for a rapper who is thirsty for attention. Aside the fact that you should not get a drink of such at the expense of another rappers down fall, don’t try to get a drink ot it, too, with flimsy ideas about the outstanding M.I.

Yours Sincerely
Saviour Ukpaski (MC UK)

(A real fan of M.I Abaga)

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