Fetty Wap – Trap God + Trippin Baby



Rapper, Fetty has started his year on a high level releasing two new singles namely “Trap God” and “Trippin Baby” as a kick starter for his 2019.

Fetty Wap –  Trap God

Fetty Wap – Trap God + Trippin Baby

Fetty Wap was silent for most of 2018 when it came to solo singles. After his 2015 takeover that included songs like “Trap Queen,” “679,” and “My Way,” Fetty lived comfortably on the charts by hopping on features. Last year was not the year of Fetty, but it looks like he plans to change that in 2019. He released “Trippin Baby” to start off the New Year, and now he is blessing the world with a follow-up single. “Trap God” is an anthem for the streets. Fetty employs a deep tonality over rattling low base to weave tales of a gangster lifestyle. 

TheLoudPack produced banger meshes well with Fetty’s tone as he gloats about his riches and his connections. As the name implies, “Trap God” is a track for bosses. With two new singles on the table, it’s possible that we’ll get a new Fetty project soon. 

Quotable Lyrics

Pull up in a whip with that pole in it
Pull up with my bitch and she holding it
Shooting at his shit, putting holes in it
Pull off in the van with the bros in it

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Fetty Wap – Trippin Baby

Fetty Wap – Trap God + Trippin Baby

Fetty Wap has been extremely quiet on a musical front since the beginning of the summer with the exception of a few guest verses. However, it looks like the rapper is getting ready to make a major comeback this year. To kick off a new year, the rapper came through with his new single, “Trippin Baby.”

Fetty Wap is back with his latest single, “Trippin Baby.” Fetty’s mastered the art of creating melodic trap music with a romantic touch which is encompassed entirely on his new single. Fetty links up with FrenzyBeats who cooks up a bouncy beat for the Jersey spitter to touch. Fetty’s latest single is his first solo release since dropping his cover of Day26’s “Co-Star.” “Trippin Baby” seems to be an indication of what we could expect from Fetty this year. If his future releases sound anything like this, expect to see Fetty Wap make a huge comeback this year.

Quotable Lyrics

You gon’ hold me down, why you so distant baby?
You gon’ call my phone like who is it baby?
Tell me what you want, okay, I’m listenin’ baby
Am I gon’ hold you down, I come through trippin’ baby

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