Ice Prince’s Super Cool Cat To Replicate Grip Boiz With One Of Jtown’s Biggest Movement


Ice Prince’s Super Cool Cats may replicate #Gripboiz with Jtown fast rising music movement #T.I.O.B ( This Is Our Biznes ) which houses the likes of Curious, gUsH oNdA bitzzz, Reelyts and NanoDropz.

Reliable sources have hinged that although it is not yet certain as regards the terms of agreement, it is hopeful that a long time working relationship is being forge.

T.I.O.B officially debut a song titled “JAMINATE” Produced By gUsH oNdA bitzzz and mixed by Suka Sounds which is due to drop soon.

Jtown still got what it takes and the big ones just got real, extended love, keep clue to music, as we shall bring you more updates on this improvement as soon as they reach our desk.

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