ICECOLDBISHOP & Kenny Beats Keep Gold Fronts In Tact On “Trick Daddy”


Kenny Beats and ICECOLDBISHOP are back with another one. The rising Los Angeles rapper and the producer extraordinaire joined forces in paying homage to the great Florida treasure that is Trick Daddy on their latest single. If you’ve fallen in love with the pairing of ICECOLDBISHOP and Kenny Beats off of “Dickies Suits” and their other collabs, this one surely won’t disappoint. Kenny Beats brings a crunchy synth that contrasts the crispy drums while ICECOLDBISHOP’s entire energy brings out the feel of West Coast. ICECOLDBISHOP scatters references of Slip-N-Slide and Trick Daddy throughout as he gets on some true player vibes with pure ruthlessness. “Ghetto n***a, we was fuckin’ in the park/ Pussy good, I thought we had a spark,” he raps with urgency. “But I really fell in love with her arch/ If the pussy good, bitch you get a yellow heart.”

Check out the track below.

Quotable Lyrics
Bitch I’m a dog
A big dog, oh yeah, I dogged her
Got her number but I still wouldn’t call her
She hit my Facetime and a n***a straight post her
Hoe, you ain’t my main bitch
Why you think you gettin’ dick before you suck it? (Suck it, suck it)
‘Cause she know after the head, we ain’t fuckin’

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