Lil Baby – Drip Too Hard (ft. Gunna)


Lil Baby – Drip Too Hard (ft. Gunna)
It seems that whenever Gunna and Lil Baby link up in the studio, they come up with an absolute hit. The two have an undeniable chemistry that has been showcased on tracks like “Sold Out Dates,” which is one of the better songs of the entire year. It seems that the duo has continued their wave with the latest in their catalog and one of the first tracks we’ve heard from their imminent collab project Drip Harder. 

The two Atlanta rappers have collaborated a lot in the past but they improve with every song. “Drip Too Hard” is no exception to this rule. The beat, produced by Turbo, is an incredibly smooth offering, which the two seem to automatically snap over. Much like “Sold Out Dates,” the instrumental runs through a hypnotic guitar loop that Gunna and Baby have their way with. Respectfully, Gunna and Lil Baby delivered two of the best projects this year with Drip Season 3 and Harder Than Ever and if this is any indication as to what we can expect from the pair, we’re in for a hell of a collab project this month. 

Drip Harder is expected to release this month. Check out one of the first offerings from it.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Every other night, another dollar gettin’ made
Every other night started with a good day
I feel like a child, I got boogers in the face
Diamonds dancin’ in the dark like this shit is a parade
I don’t want your chain, I’m gon’ want another slave

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