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A leaked Lil Wayne song called “Quasimodo” has been floating about. DatPiff posted the song under suspicious circumstances, but it appears to be a real thing, complete with mix and mastering & all the final touches that go into post-production. “Quasimodo” sounds off like a hypnotic episode of withdrawal. Weezy raps:

“I pull the cash out scream Y.O.L.O
To I get a sore throat I scream Y.O.L.O
N****s come masked up like Zoro
Fuck your b**** on the lean that’s a slow poke”

Lil Wayne has made numerous appearances through commissioned work, but rarely so on his own two feet. The rapper, recently liberated from his bonded contract at Cash Money, is now free to resume his Tha Carter V project, which may incorporate “Quasimodo” on the master copy, when all is said and done.

Tha Carter V was once given a 2013 drop date, but the ensuing legal battle with Birdman stood in the balance like a trade embargo. Lil Wayne’s social media accounts don’t necessarily allude to this happening any time soon, but he may have to answer for this leak in the coming days. In meantime give ‘er a listen, and please do share your thoughts down below.

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