NF – Why?


NF follows up the triple platinum “Let You Down” with the dark banger “Why?”

Detroit rapper NF is in a dark place. At least, that’s what’s reflected within the shadow minimalism of his new “Why” visuals. Released as a single/video combo, NF has come forth to ponder the difficult questions. Standing with black balloons in hand, NF opens with a wide-ranging one, asking “what’s your definition of success?” He proceeds to lay his own insecurities on the table, stacking up a body-count with his angst-fuelled reflections of self. “I push away the people that I love the most, why? I don’t want no one to know I’m vulnerable, why?” Channeling his inner Jadakiss, no doubt.

This track might very well resonate with fans of Hopsin; it’s hard not to see similarities between this one and the eerie aesthetic of the “Ill Mind” saga, particularly due to the marriage of a dark, carnival-esque instrumental and the emotional yet violently charged lyrical nature. Should you be looking for something to satisfy that particular craving, why not start here?



Quotable Lyrics

They don’t invite me to the parties but I still arrive
Kick down the door and then I go inside
Give off that I-do-not-belong-here vibe
Then take the keys right off the counter let’s go for a ride, why do ya’ll look mortified?


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