OBO!!! Davido Just Got His Biggest Cheque


If Davido’s social media posts are anything to go by, he may have just landed the biggest endorsement deal since his career fully kicked off in 2011/2012.


His IG stories earlier today (Feb 7, 2018), show him in the middle of a shoot with suspense filled captions like “Find Your Magic…Guess what brand I just signed to… This is gonna be big.”

Some of the videos which were shot in IG boomerang style show him fiddling with a spray can and in one picture, he is seen posing with South African Celebrity DJ and Record maker Black Coffee.

Although Davido and his team have not made any official statements with regards to any endorsements, there are too many easy-to-connect dots surrounding the information he has let out so far.
There is a high chance that Davido has joined the family of Axe – A global brand popular for making male care products. The spray can which Davido is seen holding looks very much like an Axe Deodorant spray and when you add that “Find your magic” is the tagline for one of Axe’s campaigns, it makes the suspicion even more valid.

Another evidence pointing to a Davido/Axe engagement is the fact that Black Coffee who OBO is seen taking photos with, is one of Axe’s ambassadors. The award winning DJ partnered with the brand in October 2017 to release a limited edition of an Axe Deodorant line named Black By Black Coffee.

Just maybe Davido is set to release his own signature deodorant under the brand too? Axe already has a deodorant line dedicated to the African continent (Axe Africa) so it wouldn’t be all surprising if the Best African Artiste of the year happens to be their choice for poster child.
I guess we’ll just have to wait for either Davido or Axe to officially serve us this tea but in the mean time, how much do you really think this cheque that Davido got is worth? Oh well, whatever this magnanimous amount is, I think we can all agree that this 30 billion proclamation is adding up real nice.


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