Oddisee Returns With The “Odd Cure EP”


Where has Oddisee been? It’s been three years since his album The Iceberg shook up the roots of the game. But he disappeared into the abyss not long after. Now, Oddisee is back with a new EP. The project was recorded during a two-week span while quarantining spell. The young rapper had just returned from Thailand, right before lockdown began. The ongoing protests and the fallout from Covid-19 inspired him to create the Odd Cure EP.

“A record I didn’t want to write but needed to,” Oddisee stated of the EP. The project runs for 11 tracks: six songs and five skits. Odd CureEP features appearances from Ralph Real, Olivier St. Louis, Priya Ragu, and Sainte Ezekial. Stream the project everywhere now.

  1. “Call Baba” (Skit)
    2. “The Cure”
    3. “Shoot Your Shot”
    4. “Call Grandma” (Skit)
    5. “I Thought You Were Fate” f. Olivier St. Louis & Sainte Ezekiel
    6. “Still Strange” f. Priya Ragu & Sainte Ezekiel
    7. “Call Ma” (Skit)
    8. “No Skips” f. Ralph Real
    9. “Call Homie” (Skit)
    10. “Go to Mars” f. Olivier St. Louis
    11. “Call Manager” (Skit)

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