P-Square: Instead Of Going Solo, Please Go Into Retirement



They could leave fans with great memories instead of fading off into mediocre solo careers.

The reality of the Psquare split has finally dawned on us as Peter has tendered a legal notice through his lawyer Festus Keyamo, asking for a dissolution of the group; claiming a threat to his wife and children’s lives.

Following Peter’s announcement, a lot of questions have began to spring up: can they make it on their own? Can they give us the same Psquare fire and energy as solo artistes?

The answers to these questions are the reasons why many fear the idea of a Psquare breakup.

The group can be likened to a machine – every component is required to guarantee the best result. No one of the brothers is less important.

Peter has been the image of the Psquare brand – Peter makes the group interesting to watch. His energy is what rubs off on the entire group.

Over a decade have passed and the group still remains very appealing to the younger generation; all credits to Peter for repeatedly coming through with those exotic dance moves and always keeping the body in shape for the ladies.

According to Peter, he’s also the fisherman – the one who goes out to search for opportunities and new ways to advance the Psquare group.

‘Most of Psquare ideas came from me, like [the] materials we needed to put out for people to see, video, stage performances and all’ – Says Peter during a 2016 interview with NET.

Have you tried to watch a Psquare music video that doesn’t feature Peter? There is no true visual beauty without the presence of Peter.

Paul on the other hand is the vocal powerhouse of the group. The famous Psquare voice we all know and celebrate is the voice of Paul.

Paul does all the dirty jobs in the studio and ensures that fans are continually blessed with great records. Without Paul, there would be no Psquare.

Even though they were both singers and dancers at inception, the brothers have gone on to focus and improve on their respective strengths (Peter – dancing and Paul – singing) thereby making it easy for them to complement each others weaknesses. The quality of Psquare is enjoyed only when Peter and Paul joins forces.

A solo career is going to mean only one thing; mediocrity.

A NET Instagram follower with the username @gudehobieke reacted to the news of the Psquare split saying; ‘Being together and working together is their strength they should better wise up, work in harmony’.

They cannot deliver on the Psquare level as solo act. They (Psquare) are what sets them apart from the crowd. Peter cannot find a songwriter that composes like Paul and Paul cannot find a dancer that looks just like him, serve us with endless energy and dominate the screen like Peter. An attempt to launch solo careers will breed nothing but sub-par contents (musically and visually).

So instead of going solo and denting the standard that they have maintained for over a decade and a half, they should kindly go into retirement. We already have enough Psquare songs to last us for all eternity. That way, all we have of them are happy memories, not biting criticism that is sure to follow this final split of theirs.


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