Ron-RonTheProducer Adds Chief Keef To 03 Greedo Collab “Bands In Da Basement”


Ron-RonTheProducer had the West Coast bumping last year when he dropped his RonRonDoThatShit EP, particularly thanks to the standout 03 Greedo collab “Bands In Da Basement.” Now, he’s decided to add Chi-Town favorite Cheif Keef to the song’s official remix.

Bands In Da Basement Chief Keef 03 Greedo Ron-RonTheProducer
Photo by HNHH

Keef’s addition to the track arrives towards the end, and actually compliments what Greedo already laid down over Ron-Ron’s laid back instrumental. Being that the song is about all the clever ways one can illegally stack bread and not get caught, we think Chief Keef definitely makes for a fitting addition based off the subject matter of his biggest hits. May their joint trap be forever blessed, indeed.

Listen to the remix for “Bands In Da Basement” by 03 Greedo, Chief Keef and Ron-RonTheProducer below:

Quotable Lyrics:

Bands in the wall, keep some dope in my blunt
Hand full of heat, and a heart full of nun
Cops lookin’ for me, I’m marked for the month
Young n**a take your heart just for nun
Heart frozen cold, playing with fire just for fun
BAM! Got his education, but he got a gun
Club full of b
tches, and a pocket full of ones
Chopper in my pants, he gon’ come out like the sun

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