Tales Balmunlight: The Introduction (Episode 1)


Micah Balmun also known as ICON and Mic B is a renowned writer and Rapper who is setting new standards with depth of words on bars breaking the trend of the normal Rap game. His lyrical content highlights the depth of his soul and his daily desire to bring liberation to a generation with so much knowledge but trapped in ignorance. His simple use of words catch the attention of everyone across age and educational variations.

Tales Balmunlight is a series transcribed in Comic Rap and Poetry addressing emerging trends in society.

The first series seeks to address mental health, depression and suicide. Research has it that in Africa there are no facilities efficient enough to handle mental health cases. Suicide is a global epidemic regardless of location, Influence and ones status in society. However Africa has a rising rate of suicide and mental health cases.

Tales Balmunlight seeks to bring a flicker of light on diverse emerging trends that threaten the wellbeing of individuals and thereby puts every society at risk. In one minute you get to taste the depth of truth that tells the one story that never ends. This story is a constant in many homes and minds and many having to bear full weight. The circumstances that get young and old minds to this point of mental instability differ but the solutions are found in one truth!

Follow ICON on this trail of tales Balmunlight!!!

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