Tory Lanez Clowned After Arrest Report Lists Him As 5’3″ & 120 Pounds


In all seriousness, we hope Tory Lanez is able to get back on top after a brief run-in with the police last night. The rapper was arrested on gun charges and has been released on $35,000 bail.

On the arrest report that is circulating across the internet, Tory Lanez’s information is listed with his height and weight striking people right at the head of the document. While we’ve known for a minute that Tory isn’t exactly the biggest, most muscular guy, people are howling over his exact stats.

Listed at 5’3″ and 120 pounds, the regular hooligans on Twitter are having some fun at the superstar rapper’s expense.

“Y’all women out here dating prepubescent young men,” joked one fan. “The size of your average 6th grader,” added another. Somebody else in the comments went one step further, saying, “He shouldn’t be in jail…time out is what an elementary schooler should get.”

During Tory’s arrest, Megan Thee Stallion was reportedly taken to the hospital for a foot injury. We will keep you posted on any updates pertaining to what happened last night with Tory and Meg.

This weekend, the two rappers were hanging out in the pool with Kylie Jenner. As always, people are calling out the Kardashian Kurse for seemingly taking over the lives of Meg and Tory after this.


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