VIDEO: H.E.R – Focus

newimg - VIDEO: H.E.R – Focus

Gabriella ‘Gabi’ Wilson, H.E.R “Focus” on having everything revealed in new video.

H.E.R.’s Volume 1 EP arrived in 2016, and the vibes haven’t stopped flowing since. Having already dropped off the follow-up in the form of Volume 2, we get a minor trip down memory lane as we’re gifted with new visuals in the form of a music video for “Focus,” originally found on the first project.

The track is a straightforward narrative delivered by way of the soulful and ethereal vocals of singer Gabi Wilson. While Wilson’s involvement in H.E.R. is pretty much out of the bag now, her obscurity maintains as we never get full-on shots of her face in the clip, with strategic use of objects and lighting acting as primary elements in the video’s composition as our mystery woman pleads with her man to give her some attention.

Catch it up below.


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