VIDEO: Steve Aoki – Pretender Ft. Lil Yachty & AJR


Lil Yachty & AJR shows up for Steve Aoki’s latest experiment in pop-EDM.


Lil Yachty marches to the beat of his own drum. While that has certainly carved him an interesting lane as one of hip-hop’s fresh up-and-comers, it has also led to a string of questionable missteps. To be fair, the man is securing his bag, and you can’t be mad at that. But musically, hearing Yachty deliver trite pop efforts over EDM instrumentals does sting a little. Either way, the visuals for “Pretender” have arrived, and no pump-faking millennial emerges unscathed.

As a clip, the video works to an extent, succeeding in being at least somewhat comedic. True, the social commentary of faux-stunting is hardly innovative, but it does allow for a few chuckle-worthy sight gags. Unfortunately, Boat’s talents are wasted as he shows up for a half-hearted lament; one has to wonder how Quality Control allowed this one to slip through. Should radio-friendly EDM be your thing, check this one out now.

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