XXXTENTACION Abuses A Woman In New Video (Watch)

newimg - XXXTENTACION Abuses A Woman In New Video (Watch)

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A video showing XXXTentacion punching a woman has popped up on the Internet.

We would like to begin by making clear that there is a trigger warning for specific content discussed in this article. Those who have been affected by domestic abuse or violence may wish to stop reading here.

Almost instantly after being cleared of his house arrest, a new video has broken out which appears to show XXXTentacion sucker-punching a woman in the face. The clip is short, showing X dancing in the background while a woman lays down before he punches her from out of nowhere. While it is incredibly difficult to watch and it is unknown when the video was recorded, the leak of this footage could be terrible news for the Florida rapper.

Currently enjoying the success of his first number one debut album on the Billboard 200, ? was incredibly profitable in its first week. However, because of his history of domestic violence, all he has done to improve his image over the last year may be obstructed due to the new footage that has surfaced. While X may have been acting in jest at the time according to the caption atop the video, which reads, “I hate this n—a,” any act of violence towards women is not a good look for the rapper (or for anybody) given his past.

Watch the video below at your own will. Once again, we urge you to not view the clip if you have been affected by domestic violence, abuse or assault.


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  1. Stfu this is clearly an old asf video. He still has his black non-dreadlocked hair which he had 3-4 years ago. Fucking Nigerian blogs

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