Zayn – No Candle No Light (ft. Nicki Minaj)


Zayn – No Candle No Light (ft. Nicki Minaj)
Though Nicki Minaj has styled herself the “Queen,” that doesn’t mean she has forsaken a life of amusement. No longer perched upon her throne, Minaj has decided to wade onto the dancefloor with the rest of the commonfolk. Today, she has teamed up with the elusive Zayn, who has successfully thrown the juvenile trapping of boy-bandery, like Justin Timberlake before him.

Now, the former One Direction star is in the promotional stages of his sophomore album; “No Candle No Light” is but one of many new singles from the young talent, and Nicki’s presence keeps this one firmly dipped into a hip-hop adjacent pool. Should you have no interest in melodic, hip-pop fare, it’s likely this song will prove a misfire. Should you, however, find yourself open to a dancefloor romance anthem, Zayn and Nicki Minaj may have put forth the remedy.

Quotable Lyrics

Hand on your hand, chest on your chest
Tangled in bed, like I’m feeling you less
You know my love ain’t free, why do you sell me dreams?

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